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SZV St. Maarten has extended government insured cards to August 31, 2013

Friday, June 7, 2013

PHILIPSBURG -Social and Health Insurance SZV has extended government insured cards to August 31, 2013.

The insurance provider has been in the process of re-registering all government insured persons, such as government workers, teachers and medical-assistance insured since 2012 to be able to issue medical insurance cards to these persons. Due to technical and logistical problems, it was not possible to conclude the process in 2012. As a result, the decision was taken to extend the validity of all government insurance cards that expired on December 31, 2012, until March 31, 2013, while both SZV and government continued to work on the technical and logistical challenges. Care providers, government departments and the insured were notified of this situation at that time, SZV Deputy Director Reginald Willemsberg said in a press release on Thursday. While most logistical challenges have since been worked out, some challenges still remained by the March 31 deadline. After discussion with Personnel and Organisation management, it was decided to extend the cards that expired on December 31, 2012, until May 31, 2013. It was hoped that SZV would have been able to finalize the process of issuing new cards. Unfortunately, this was not possible. SZV said most of the medical assistance-insured with very few exceptions, have been issued their new cards, as well as many government workers and their family members. 892 cards were issued for the medically-assistance insured and 4,647 for government workers, teachers and their family members. SZV and government have been encountering different issues in the gathering and processing of the information needed for SZV to issue the insurance cards. Problems included technical issues, incomplete information, logistical problems and non-cooperation by employees to complete their registration forms. This resulted in the deadline of May 31 having been reached and the care providers, following the instructions of SZV, turning back persons with a card that had a printed expiration date of December 31, 2012. In a meeting held this week among SZV management and Registration Department, P and O management and staff, and the Acting Secretary General of the Ministry of General Affairs, it was decided that taking the delicate matter into consideration, the cards should again be extended, this time until August 31. This decision was taken under the condition that SZV and P and O would continue to work together to resolve the remaining logistical and technical problems, and that government will ensure to advise all government workers, who have not yet completed the registration process, to do this as soon as possible. P and O and SZV have agreed to meet weekly to monitor the process closely and resolve issues in a diligent manner to reach the new deadline. The commitment of both SZV and P and O is that by the deadline, everyone who has submitted their registration form will have their insurance cards. Completing the registration form correctly, includes providing P and O with the documents they request, and which they are required to deliver to SZV, along with the registration form. SZV has informed all care providers of the extension.

Bron:  The Daily Herald, St. Maarten

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