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Strike in St. Maarten's Pointe Blanche prison ‘officially over’


POINTE BLANCHE–The demonstration by some of the inmates that began in the Pointe Blanche House of Detention officially has come to an end, attorney representing the Inmates Association Shaira Bommel told The Daily Herald.

The inmates’ demands are being met and prison operations are “back to normal. Things are quiet now,” Bommel reported.
However, she added that in the aftermath, those who had chosen to go on strike and had held employment positions were now being told by prison authorities that they could not return to their jobs. Prison Director Rudsel Ricardo declined to comment.

The prison inmates staged a “peaceful protest” beginning on May 27. They wrote a letter to Ricardo complaining about unhygienic conditions at the prison, problems associated with upcoming prison renovations, treatment by prison authorities, canteen food prices and not receiving their meals on time.

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