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St. Maarten's amended 2013 budget with Advisory Council, CFT


PHILIPSBURG –The amended 2013 budget is  now with the Advisory  Council and Committee for  Financial Supervision CFT  for review before it is sent  to Parliament for approval,  according to Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams. Finance Minister Martin Hassink has made “some quick and realistic adjustments to the budget.”

CFT gives opinion on the drafting of the budget as well as after Parliament  adopts it, she pointed out in  a press statement from her  cabinet. It was based on the latter check that the budget for the current year needed to be adjusted to ensure its  feasibility in the long term.  “We came up with a proposal for amendments that would come to a realistically lowered and balanced Budget. The proposal for an amended-balanced Budget is now with the Council of Advice and with the CFT and we hope to within short present this to Parliament,”  she said.

Since prior to 10-10-’10,  St. Maarten was “fortunate” because it did not  have significant amount  of employees on government’s payroll as Curaçao  did. “We did not have the excesses but at the same time we needed to create new services and departments and expand others.  There are critical departments that are critically understaffed.”  “Within the context of a reduced budget and considering how we need to provide these services we are exploring how to best address these issues,” said the prime minister.

Source: The Daily Herald, St. Maarten

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