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St. Maarten taxpayers urged to file taxes online


PHILIPSBURG–The Tax Department is urging tax payers to fi le their taxes online.  The Department, along with government’s Information Communication Technology (ICT) Department, recently held a presentation on how to file taxes on-line. Invited were companies, consultants and advisors involved in tax filing for companies and individuals.

Project Manager at the ICT Department Jean James went through the entire on-line process from beginning to end, pointing out the procedures and the technicalities. Some of the participants asked questions about a range of issues.  Attendees were asked to give their input and feedback about the functioning of the digital tax fi ling system. The ICT and Tax Departments will use the feedback to perfect the filing system.

As of next week, a marketing campaign about this and other digital services will start, it was stated in the release.  The Tax Department, with the assistance of the ICT Department, has upgraded the various tax systems to enable on-line tax filing. The digitizing of the tax filing system enables tax payers, tax consultants and companies to file their taxes on-line. This will result in less paper usage and efficient use of human resources and technology.

Filing on-line also reduces the risk of mistakes being made and results in immediate calculations; hence less cost to tax payers themselves, it was stated in a press release on Thursday. Taxes can be filed on-line via Government’s Website:

Tax declarations for Turnover Tax and Wage Tax can also be submitted online. Turnover Tax, Wage Tax forms and Income Tax fi ling can be also downloaded. The ICT and Tax Departments are working diligently to include other forms and payment possibilities, such as AOV. In the near future, more forms will be available for download. On-line payments, wage tax summary processing, profit tax forms and income taxes are expected to be available on-line soon.

Tax payers are asked to go on-line and review how the tax on-line system works. Comments or questions can be sent to the Tax Department. Persons who encounter issues during the processing can call or e-mail the Tax Department or the Public Service Centre (PSC) at tel. 545-3380.  The Tax Department will hold more tax filing sessions and urges tax consultants and advisors to attend them and give their feedback, so that the system can be improved. Persons interested in presentations can e-mail:, or call 587-6766.

Source: The Daily Herald, St. Maarten

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