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St. Maarten prime minister Wescot-Williams discusses future Royal Marine base


PHILIPSBURG–Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams was briefed on Wednesday by Brigadier Edwin Hofma about future plans to establish a permanent Marine facility in St. Maarten. The Marine base is expected to be finalised in 2013 and will be further discussed during the visit by Dutch Defence Minister Hans Hillen next week.

Hofman explained the progress so far and that the Marine base would provide military and logistical assistance to the Voluntary Corp St. Maarten VKS and to the wider community.

Hofman is Commanding Officer of the Savaneta, Aruba Marine Barracks and chairman of the workgroup for the future establishment of a Marine base here.

Also discussed was a social formation programme similar to that in Aruba for at-risk youth. The Marines give at-risk-youth discipline-training as well as training in military techniques.

The prime minister was pleased to hear about the prospects for a base and the plans Hofma outlined for the community.

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