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St. Maarten prime minister: Locking horns with Holland does no one good


~ Leaves for Holland this weekend ~

PHILIPSBURG–Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams on Wednesday said it does no one, and surely not St. Maarten, any good to be constantly locking horns with the Netherlands.

The PM will be travelling to the Netherlands this weekend where she will meet with Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Minister of Kingdom Relations Plasterk, the Committee for Kingdom Relations of the Second Chamber, the Council of State and several meetings with different St. Maarten organizations.

This meeting was scheduled prior to the meetings of the Kingdom Council of Ministers in September, when the decision was taken to instruct St. Maarten’s governor to conduct an integrity investigation.

Wescot-Williams said she gets the impression that there is something that Rutte and Plasterk want to express that is not reflected in the elucidation of the instruction resolution that they have drafted.

“If they can explain to me what exactly that is, we might be able to move forward. The way it’s described in the resolution, to me it’s not what they want; they can’t put that on paper. But tell us, given all that has happened, how we can work ourselves out of this situation,” she added.

The PM said a response from the Council of State based on a request from Minister Plenipotentiary Mathias Voges, has not yet been received. Voges had requested the council to render advice on the instruments (articles) used by the Kingdom Council of Ministers to instruct the governor.

Until that advice is received, Wescot-Williams said the intention is still to instruct civil servants not to cooperate with any investigation. She said no communication has gone out to government departments indicating such as yet.

The PM said the Council of Ministers met with the governor on Tuesday, but have not been informed or approached regarding the start of the investigation. Per usual, she did not disclose any details from the meeting with the governor.

Source: The Daily Herald, St. Maarten

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