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St. Maarten president of parliament sees efficient and paperless legislature


PHILIPSBURG–Presi-dent of Parliament Gracita  Arrindell envisions Parliament and its support system becoming efficient and  paperless with the use of  the latest office organizational technologies. She received a presentation from the Netherlands based SIM  Group on Wednesday. The same presentation was made to Members of Parliament on Friday morning.

SIM specializes in digitalization of governments and caters to some 260 municipalities. The group had implemented its paperless system for the Aruba Parliament. The system has been in use there for the  past four years.

The main focus of the presentation was on content management, E-Government (paperless work environment); parliament information system, webcast;  and iPad application. “Once we implement a paperless parliament, we will also be contributing in a  small way towards reducing  country St. Maarten’s foot  print on the environment,”  Arrindell said on Thursday.

The main goal of the parliament information system and the iPAD application is to publish documents therefore creating a transparent environment for  the public and Members of  Parliament.

Representatives of the Ministry of General Affairs were also at the Central Committee meeting to give information about the  application of the paperless  system in that ministry. Follow up meetings will be held to work out the implementation and cost of the system.

Source: The Daily Herald, St. Maarten

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