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St. Maarten parliament meets on Civil Code


PHILIPSBURG–Several parts of the amended Civil Code will be reviewed in a meeting of the Central Committee of Parliament on Monday at 10:00am. Later in the day at 3:00pm, Members of Parliament will again meet in a plenary session to approve a number of other sections of the Civil Code that have completed the review process.

The Central Committee meeting in Parliament House will deal with the National Ordinance on Insurance and Annuity, National Ordinance Revising Book II of the Civil Code, National Ordinance amending the Civil Code regarding the Civil Claims and Bankruptcy Decree 1931 and the National Ordinance amending Book 3 of the Civil Code regarding Trusts.

The plenary session has 13 agenda points including incoming documents and the approval of the decision list of the plenary sessions of September 11 and 12.

Also on the agenda are the approval of the National Ordinance Book IV concerning Inheritance and Legacies, National Ordinance amending Book III of the Civil Code regarding Trusts, National Ordinance to amend Book I of the Civil Code Implementation Centralized Registration Child Abuse, National Ordinance Regarding Provisions on the Sale of Property and Assets and National Ordinance Sale of Property and Acceptance/Contracting Work.

Also up for approval are the National Ordinance supplementing Title I of Book VII of the Civil Code regarding Provisions to Protect Consumers, particularly Telesales Contracts and Warranties, National Ordinance Joint Custody of Minors/Under aged Children; and National Ordinance on Sole Proprietorship.

Others up for approval are National Ordinance on Insurance and Annuity; National Ordinance Revision Common Law Marriage; National Ordinance amending Book 2 of the Civil Code; and National Ordinance Civil Claims and Bankruptcy.

The public can attend both sessions of parliament. These will also be live on St. Maarten Cable TV Channel 120, Pearl Radio FM 98.1, and

Source: The Daily Herald, St. Maarten

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