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St. Maarten government considering measures for delinquent vehicle tax payers


~ 20 per cent still have not paid ~

PHILIPSBURG–Government is looking into “various possibilities” to “significantly reduce” the number of vehicle owners who have not yet paid their 2013 motor vehicle tax by the end of this year.

Some 20 per cent of motor vehicle owners are delinquent. Finance Minister Martin Hassink told reporters on Wednesday that the details of the measures had not been worked out yet, but the matter had government’s attention. He said the measures hopefully would be simple ones that would convince motorists who had not yet paid to go in and pay.

Government collects about NAf. 8.5 million in motor vehicle tax annually. The 20 per cent of vehicle owners who have not yet paid represents NAf. 1.5 to 1.6 million. “I would like to see that 20 per cent of road users who did not pay their road tax [pay up –Ed.]. … Let’s be honest, the NAf. 275 that you have to pay is very little and by far not enough to cover the expenses of our infrastructure,” said Hassink.

New number plates will be reintroduced in 2014. Hassink said the plates would be noticeably different from the current ones so control can be easier. They are expected to be on the island by December so the selling of the plates can start early.

Hassink said the stickers and new number plates discontinued by former Finance Minister Roland Tuitt had had a function to make controls easier. Without new plates and/or stickers, it is difficult to determine who has paid their road tax and who has not.

Bron: The Daily Herald, St. Maarten

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