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St. Maarten Ambulance Department still under intensified supervision


~ Administration of medication, medical procedures lifted ~

CAY HILL–Although the prohibition on administration of medication and medical procedures has been lifted, the intensified supervision placed on the St. Maarten Ambulance Department has not been called off yet, Inspector General Dr. Earl Best said in a statement on Tuesday.

The Ambulance Department was audited on July 12. Some of this audit’s findings concerning quality of care and patient safety demanded that immediate action be taken by the Ministry and management.

“The fact that there was no medical supervisor whilst medication was administered and other medical procedures were performed by ambulance staff were reasons to urgently take some necessary measures,” Best said. As a result the Ambulance Department was placed under intensified supervision as of July 19.

These problems were addressed in a short time through quick intervention by Health Minister Cornelius de Weever and the prohibition by the Inspectorate on the administration of medication and medical procedures was lifted on July 29.

Best said there were still “many other” matters that would be addressed in a timely manner according to an action plan on which the Inspectorate VSA and the Ambulance Department had agreed and would be monitored closely by the Inspectorate, which was why the intensified supervision had not been called off as yet.

Source: The Daily Herald, St. Maarten

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