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Social and Economic Council presents 2012 annual report to Governor Holiday


St. Maarten – The 2012 annual report from the Social and Economic Council (SER) was presented to Governor Holiday yesterday. The governor met with the chairman of the SER, René Richardson, and its secretary-general, Gerard Richardson, at the governor’s offices at Harbor View.

The 2012 annual report covers an overview of the activities of the Social Economic Council in its first full operational year. During the presentation of the report, the chairman gave the governor a summary of the advices carried out in the preceding year and some of the challenges the council encountered along the way. In addition, the annual report highlights the achievements and future plans of the SER.

The Governor and SER Chairman

From left, Governor Holiday receives the 2012 SER report from its chairman, Rene Richardson. Photo SER

As an advisory and consultative body comprised of employers’ representatives, union representatives, and independent experts, the Social and Economic Council aims to help create social consensus on a variety of relevant socio-economic issues. The SER’s advice is guided by the objective of achieving social prosperity in its widest sense. This includes not only material progress – increased affluence and production – but also social progress – improved welfare and social cohesion.

This report represents the second annual report of the SER since its establishment on 1 May 2011. The annual report is published in both English and Dutch and will be made available to the general public on the website of the SER (

Source: Today Newspaper, St. Maarten

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