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Public prosecutor confirms questioning in shooting threats by St. Maarten politician


PHILIPSBURG–Solicitor-General Taco Stein confirmed on Sunday that several persons were questioned in the investigation into independent Member of Parliament (MP) Romain Laville’s threats to shoot his colleague United People’s (UP) party MP Jules James more than a year ago.

However, Stein said when this newspaper contacted him on Sunday that he did not have the details of who exactly had been interviewed and when. He said he needed to obtain the information from the police. “I can, however, confirm that there were interviews done,” he said.

When asked about the matter, police spokesperson Inspector Ricardo Henson said such information had to be released by the Prosecutor’s Office.

It was understood late last week that the National Detectives were delving deeper into the case of Laville threatening to shoot James. Some MPs who witnessed that altercation in Parliament House reportedly were interviewed by the National Detectives. The Daily Herald understands that independent MP Frans Richardson was among those questioned.

The questioning came amidst talk in the community about a possible fall of the Wescot-Williams III Cabinet last week, which Laville has denied. His BlackBerry status last Thursday evening read: “Some politicians don’t learn even when given a second chance.”

Laville, who had been UP fraction leader before going independent, had wanted to be a minister in the current cabinet, but did not pass the screening because of two incidents related to threats he had made with a gun. He subsequently nominated Ted Richardson to serve as Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transportation and Telecommunication.

This is the second time Laville has been in government with UP and the third time he has been in a government with the Democratic Party (DP).

Source: The Daily Herald, St. Maarten

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