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President of St. Maarten Parliament receives copy of General Audit Chamber Annual Report


St. Maarten – President of Parliament Gracita Arrindell received a visit from the Chairman of the General Audit Chamber (GAC) Ronald C. Halman, MBA and Secretary General Joan Dovale-Meit, MA yesterday with respect to the third Annual Report of the GAC.

The General Audit Chamber has been functioning since its inception in 2010 when Country St. Maarten was founded.  Each Member of Parliament will also receive a copy of the report.

President Arrindell said that she will be having the report uploaded to the parliament’s website allowing visitors to the latter’s site also the opportunity to preview the content of the document.

Parties made use of the brief presentation to discuss several topics that need the urgent attention of parliament reference to the latter’s legislative role of oversight of the budgets of Country St. Maarten.
“The process of receiving and subsequently approving the annual accounts from government (council of ministers) by parliament must remain a priority. This is important in order to legally provide the so-called ‘discharge’ to governments annual accounts, thereby formally closing off the annual accounts of government,” Arrindell pointed out.

Additionally, under the new Constitutional status, St. Maarten is also subject to international financial evaluations. It is incumbent on this parliament to work harder toward meeting our local obligations as prescribed by our laws and regulations (constitution and compatibility law).

Other issues discussed was the preparation in collaboration with the General Audit Chamber of a one-day master class practical workshop for MPs reference to understanding and practical implications of all laws and regulations pertaining to the financial household of Country St. Maarten. This can hopefully take place in the first week of August 2013.

These and other matters discussed will be brought to the attention within short to the expenditure committee (Commissie Lands Uitgaven, CLU).

“I fully support all efforts to further the professionalization of our responsibilities as parliament and its members, rather than focus on the politicizing of this new institution of governance,” the president of parliament said.

Bron: Today Newspaper, St. Maarten


General Audit Chamber

Annual Report 2012 – General Audit Chamber St. Maarten

Bron: General Audit Chamber St. Maarten

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