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New procedures St. Maarten for medical professionals’ work permits


PHILIPSBURG–The Labour Affairs Department announced on Monday that effective immediately, medical professionals (including, but not limited to medical doctors and specialists, pharmacists, psychologists, midwives, all specialized therapists, physical therapists, dentists, dieticians) who need work permits (therefore non-nationals) to work in St. Maarten would be required to take the following steps:

1. Request from the Minister of Public Health an exemption to the Federal Ordinance restricting the establishment of medical professionals. The procedure is outlined in the brochure and application form available at both the Labour Affairs Department and the Department of Public Health.

2. The respective business entity would be required to submit proof/evidence of the application for the exemption to the Labour Affairs Department when applying for the work permit. The application for a work permit will not be processed without the proof of application.

Also important to note is for that those non-nationals for whom work permits are being requested as “renewals,” copies of the Ministeriele Beschikkings (MBs) issued to them will be required.

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