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New justice minister outlines plans with governor and department heads on St. Maarten

MONDAY, 17 JUNE 2013

PHILIPSBURG–New Justice Minister Dennis Richardson hit the ground running on Saturday morning, less than 24 hours after taking office, with a series of meetings with Governor Eugene Holiday, Solicitor General Taco Stein, outgoing Chief Prosecutor Hans Mos and Police Chief Peter de Witte.

The meetings centred on Richardson’s focal points for the coming months. He also received insight into the operations of the various departments and the heads shared some basic bottlenecks that need to be tackled in the coming months.

The meeting with the governor centred on general matters related to justice, law and order in the country.

The minister said these introductory meetings were crucial for the country’s youngest, but very vital ministry. These meetings also constitute the first step in the completion of the reorganisation of the Justice Ministry as outlined in the Governing Accord of the new United People’s (UP) party/Democratic Party/Laville coalition.

Meeting with department heads within the Ministry of Justice and other staff members will continue this week. Richardson wants to get everyone in the ministry on the same track of further building and strengthening the ministry.

Richardson is no stranger to justice matters in the country. He served in the 1990s as the then island territory’s Lt. Governor and Chief of Police.

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