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Lucille George-Wout mentioned as new Governor on Curacao


WILLEMSTAD–Former Antillean Parliament Chairlady for PAR Lucille George-Wout is being mentioned as a strong candidate for Governor of Curaçao. She apparently tops a list of 10 persons that the PS/PAIS/PNP/Sulvaran coalition is looking at to succeed Frits  Goedgedrag, who stepped down early due to health reasons last year. Apparently, the preference is for a woman who is also willing to save two six-year terms if needed.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte confirmed there were some names during his recent visit to the island, but nothing had been decided. The Amigoe newspaper called George-Wout, who originally came from the MAN party, to ask if she’d been approached. She denied that and before the reporter could ask what she would do if asked, she cut the conversation
off with the words “I already said no” and hung up.

Bron: The Daily Herald, St. Maarten

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