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Inspectorate of Health and St. Maarten Medical Center working to improve institution


CAY HILL–The relationship between the Inspectorate of Public Health and St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) seems to be improving following a turbulent relationship under SMMC’s former general director Dr. George Scot.

Inspector General Dr. Earl Best said on Tuesday that the Inspectorate was working “very intensely” with SMMC’s new financial director and the hospital’s staff to help improve conditions at the medical facility. Best said parties were working on an action plan to improve matters at SMMC so the intensified supervision that was placed on the institution in September 2012 could be lifted soon.

He expressed hope that a much-needed medical director would be appointed in the short term. SMMC Financial Director Mr. Klarenbeek has been appointed for fi ve years as of August 1. The Inspectorate placed SMMC under intensified supervision last year. The hospital has been governed by its Supervisory Council and management team since the termination of the contract with Scot in December.

Interim director Mrs. van Ameijden was appointed on April 1; her contract ended July 31. Much effort was made during the transition period by the Supervisory Council, the board of directors and the Inspectorate on improving the relationship towards a more transparent one with better communication and on following up on an action plan containing all important matters in the Inspection report that need to be addressed, Best said in a press statement on Tuesday.

Source: The Daily Herald, St. Maarten

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