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First Central Committee meeting on Saba for 2013 on Corporate Governance


SABA – Acting Island Registrar Akilah Levenstone and Central Committee Chairman Rolando Wilson issued a public notice Tuesday afternoon, announcing the first public Central Committee meeting of 2013 to be held Friday, June 21, at 9:00am.

The note stated that future Central Committee meetings will be held in the same meeting room as the public Island Council meetings in the Government Building in The Bottom, in order to record the meetings and have them made available on the government’s Website. Following established procedures, this first meeting will allow the inhabitants the opportunity to speak, as long as such intentions are announced to the registrar by contacting her at email or by calling 416 3311.

Saba residents have to contact the Island Registrar by today, Wednesday, in order for their voice to be heard in the meeting.  The general public is welcome to attend the meeting as observers, and will also be allowed to peruse the documents mentioned on the agenda for the above mentioned Central Committee meeting at the Office of the Island Registrar.

On the meeting’s agenda are: the First Budget Amendment 2013, the new investments for the year 2013, the Code of Corporate Governance and the Code of Conduct for Executive Council, Island Council and Island Governor.  The meeting will also be an opportunity for the review of the Year Report 2012 and discussions on the acquisition of land for parking in Windwardside.  The Executive Council will also verbally update the Central Committee on current affairs.

Bron: The Daily Herald, St. Maarten

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