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Bonaire's Island Council approves annual account 2011


BONAIRE–Bonaire’s Island Council has unanimously approved the annual account 2011.
In doing so, the special overseas public body of The Netherlands complied with the timeline set for this by the Committee for Financial Supervision CFT and the Dutch Government. In an earlier decision, the still-not-established annual accounts up to and including 2010 had also been passed.

Commissioner of Finance Burney el Hage (UPB) called it a positive sign that the annual account had been adopted unanimously, without the proposing of any motions or amendments.
“This means that the Executive Council received support from the opposition for its financial policies. It’s a very positive development that I’m very happy with.”

Bonaire made good progress with its debt-restructuring last year. The efforts even led to a considerable surplus on the books, allowing for a first-time-ever creation of reserves.

18 JULI 2012

AD 18.07.12 II

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