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Bada Bing-owner arrested on several counts on St. Maarten


~ In light of Orca-investigation ~

PHILIPSBURG–Interim Chief Prosecutor Hans Wesselink confirmed on Tuesday the arrest of Bada Bing strip club owner Jaap van den Heuvel.

He was detained on Tuesday for forgery, tax fraud and money-laundering. Wesselink said in a press statement that Van den Heuvel, who he identified only by his initials, was arrested by the Landsrecherche on Monday, September 30. He said Van den Heuvel, who had been off island for a while, voluntarily turned himself in. The interrogation of Van den Heuvel is pending.

In the interest of the ongoing investigation no further information can be disclosed, the Chief Prosecutor said.

The Orca investigation started in March this year following the showing of a video footage in which Van den Heuvel is seen handing over “probably banknotes” to independent Member of Parliament (MP) Patrick Illidge, who was also identified only by his initials in the press release.

Source: The Daily Herald, St. Maarten


Detention extended for Bada Bing boss


PHILIPSBURG–The Judge of Instruction granted an eight-day extension on Thursday on the detention of Bada Bing owner Jaap van den Heuvel.

Van den Heuvel’s attorney Cor Merx confirmed that the extension was granted. Van den Heuvel was detained on Monday for forgery, tax fraud and money laundering. He was arrested by the Landsrecherche. Van den Heuvel, who had been off island for a while, voluntarily turned himself in and was then detained.

Van den Heuvel is the centre of the Bada Bing corruption case (called Orca investigation), which surrounds a videotape of Member of Parliament (MP) Patrick Illidge apparently accepting “probably banknotes” from Van den Heuvel while the two discuss business permits. Illidge had said in earlier media reports that it was repayment of a loan.

Both Illidge and Van den Heuvel had said subsequently that United People’s (UP) party leader Theo Heyliger had asked the strip club owner to make the video to blackmail Illidge into returning to the UP, which was in opposition at the time of the tape’s release, to get that party back in government. Heyliger has never publicly commented on the allegations.

A number of persons were interviewed as part of the investigations, including Illidge, Van den Heuvel, former Justice Minister Roland Duncan, Immigration and Naturalisation Department (IND) head Udo Aron, Minister of Economic Affairs Romeo Pantophlet, Duncan’s former driver, Marina Serrant, Heyliger and other persons.

Source: The Daily Herald, St. Maarten

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